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April 19 2018

Volunteer with us

Speedy Conversation Exchange
If you like being with people, this is the right activity for you! Assist staff to set up the registration desk, welcome participants, provide information on Speedy Conversation and accompany participants to their seats. You will also assist during the event and the prize draw.

Social media & Photo Support
We need your photographic skills to fill our Instagram account with creative pictures and to photograph guests with Skippy,our kangaroo mascot. If you love social networks and engaging with people, this is the perfect activity for you! If your photos are published, your name will be mentioned.

Ask me
Welcoming our guests when they arrive at the Centre is a very important role. You will give them information about the Monash Prato Centre and where to find the various Open Day events. You will support the Monash team at the reception ensuring that visits to the Centre run smoothly.

Monash Team Support
If you like all the volunteering options and you can’t decide on one, click this option and you’ll become an all-rounder volunteer! You will be able to assist in all areas where help is needed.

Gifts: All volunteers will receive a free Monash Prato t-shirt and a surprise gadget. As a volunteer, your name will appear on our website and on our Facebook page.
Timetable: The times will differ slightly according to the activity. Open Day begins at 5.30pm and ends at about 10pm. We are looking for volunteers who will be available from early afternoon until about 11pm.
Briefing: No worries, Monash staff will give you all the information you need. We would ask you to be available to meet us a few days before Open Day.
Acknowledgements: You will also be able to request a certificate of participation (for school use).

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