April 19 2018

Speedy Conversation Exchange

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Speedy Conversation Exchange is back!
5.30pm Thursday 19 April 2018 - put your English to the test in a fun way.

What is Speedy Conversation Exchange?
It’s a way to make new friends, chat in English and Italian with local participants, and win some prizes. It is like our regular Conversation Exchange program that we have been running for several years but bigger and better.

How does Speedy work?
There are three rows of tables and chairs with English speakers on one side and Italian speakers on the other. You have three minutes to talk to the person in front of you about a topic or to answer a short quiz in English or Italian. When the time is up, you move to the right and start again. Conversation starters will be displayed on a screen so you won’t be without something to say!

Prizes to be won!
All participants will receive a free Monash University Prato Centre t-shirt and you will also go in the draw to win prizes.

How to participate:
Complete the web form at the bottom of this page. Choose ‘English Speaker’ if your first language is English.
Places are limited so don’t miss out! Book online by 18 April.
You will receive a confirmation email that will tell you if you have a confirmed place or if you are on a waiting list.
Please arrive on time!

Register for Conversation Exchange (Only English Speakers)

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